High odds are not enough to comfortably and profitably bet on esports. The conditions and tools for calculating the outcome of an event are also important. N1 Bet gives its users all the options to have fun and earn money from their cyber sports betting.

Specifics of esports betting

The key to successful betting in any eSports discipline is a thorough knowledge of the rules and the game itself. Users who are good at Dota 2 or CS:GO will have a better chance of winning. However, there will be a pre-match analysis - just like in classic sports. Be sure to consider the following indicators:

  • The current ranking of teams in the selected discipline. 
  • The history of face-to-face meetings in the current and previous seasons. 
  • Team compositions, their experience and chemistry. 
  • Degree of motivation and prestige of the tournament.

Types of esports bets at N1 Bet

esports betting at N1 Bet
eSports Betting

Betting on cybersports is very different from other sports such as tennis or soccer, although it largely copies the betting types found in more mainstream sports. To start winning, you need to fully understand all types of bets.

  • Result. The simplest bet that offers to predict the winner. This can be one of two teams or a specific eSports player. The number of result selection options directly depends on the discipline being played. 
  • Handicap. It works on a similar principle as in other team sports. Here, however, the handicap is based on the number of points scored by the cybersports teams. 
  • total. Typically used in Counter Strike Global Offensive where the user must specify the number of cards drawn during the game. Total is also used in other sports where the total number of rounds in a match counts. 
  • first blood. Another bet on CS:GO. Here it is decided which cybernetic athlete of the team will be killed first. 
  • Win the round. The player guesses which round one of the opposing sides will win. 
  • Even odd. The client determines whether the final number of rounds of the match will be odd or even. 
  • Accurate result. Everything is simple here. The player guesses with what result the cybersport match will end. 
  • Long-term bets. Start betting on the entire tournament. The client determines who he thinks will win the title.

Just like in regular sports, bets can be placed before or during a match in cybersports. In the latter case, there is a better chance of winning, because as the match progresses, you can see which team is doing best.

Not all esports betting is suitable for novices. In general, this discipline is more difficult from the point of view that it is difficult to obtain detailed information about cybergamers and their statistics in the field of online gambling. However, some types of bets can be used even by beginner bettors.

What does the bookmaker's odds depend on?

Regardless of what types of bets a client of N1 Bet will use, in any case he will come across odds when choosing a bet. They are a number showing the probability of a certain outcome. The coefficients are calculated according to the formula 100/X, where "X" is replaced by the percentage of probability affected by:

  • Analyst opinions; 
  • courses in other studios; 
  • team composition changes; 
  • bet amounts.

The numbers change the most during the meeting, but in this case, the best bets on cyber sports are offered. A prime example: the favorite lost in the first round and the odds predictably went up even though it was obvious he was going to win. Pay attention to the following events - the odds should be attractive: Pro Circuit, LCK, LVP SuperLiga, Prime League, Blast Premier: Spring, LFL, LPL, Ultraliga.