Hockey is a popular betting discipline. The betting company N1 Bet offers a detailed list and high odds for the Olympics, World Championships, NHL and KHL championships.

Types of hockey bets

In pre-game hockey, N1 Bet offers users between 150-200 betting options. When choosing hockey markets, players can place bets on:

  • Match result. Users have three options to choose from - draw, win of one of the teams - with or without overtime. There is a minimum margin on the result.
  • Double Chance. Two outcomes bet: 1X – home win and draw; X2 - a draw and a win for the visiting team; 12 - win for either team. The odds for a double chance are lower than the odds for the main outcome of the match. The client has a better chance of success.
  • Handicap is a team win bet with a conditional advantage or disadvantage. For example, an F1 (-2.5) bet will win if the home team wins by at least three pucks. F2 (+1.5) bet will be played on a draw, away win or loss by one puck.
  • total is a bet on the number of pucks in a match, period or time period. You can bet on total - the total number of goals scored in the match, or individual - the performance of one of the teams. The bookmaker offers the customer a number, you have to decide whether the result will be higher or lower.

In additional markets, the online bookmaker may offer number bets

  • penalty minutes;
  • penalties;
  • strongman;
  • fouls;
  • throw-ins;
  • pucks scored by a particular hockey player.

What to bet on in hockey at N1 Bet and why

Hockey betting at N1 Bet
Hockey betting

When choosing a bet, the user must take into account the probability of the outcome. The greater the probability of a successful bet if, after conducting the pre-match analysis, the customer's choice coincides with the predictions of the experts.

The higher the commission, the lower the rate, the lower the potential payout. N1 Bet's primary markets have a higher margin than secondary markets. Pre-match quotes are more profitable than live.

In terms of the number of countries and championships, N1 Bet is virtually unbeatable. For example:

  • Canada. KHL, WHL, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, LNAH, U-Sports, Memorial Cup.
  • Poland. Polish Hockey League, Polish Cup, Super Cup.
  • Germany. DEL, II Bundesliga, Oberliga, Oberliga North, Oberliga South.

Hockey betting features

When placing a bet on hockey, you must remember about:

  1. Unexpected Regular Season Results: Teams Play 60 or More Games - All Teams Struggling at Distance.
  2. Functional state of the teams. Hockey players often play every other day without enough time to recover.
  3. Lots of fighting and punishment. For infractions, the referees suspend the player for at least two minutes. Your teams have a better chance of scoring in power play.
  4. Effectiveness. Hockey scores more goals than soccer. Even in low-performing tournaments, the average total is not lower than 4-4.5.

Tips for beginners

Factors, which should be taken into account when analyzing a hockey match:

Form of opponents. You have to evaluate the results of the last 5-7 matches, how many victories there were, whether there were strong teams among the opponents.

Face-offs. Analyze how the teams played against each other in the last 2-3 years. Opponents' playstyles can be inconsistent, so the favorites will lose points to the outsiders all the time. If it's a head-to-head match, you can expect a surprising result that won't fit into the pre-match build-ups due to the high concentration level.

Tournament position and motivation. Consider the importance of the upcoming match for each team. If one side is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, they might as well be losing points to the underdogs.

The state of the leaders is the state of fitness and injury.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on hockey at N1 Bet


  • A large number of matches - teams play even 2-3 times a week;
  • Wide coverage at top tournaments - lots of markets for statistics;
  • Spectacular - hockey is highly productive, increasing the number of wins of its own accord.


  • Few Streams: If you don't bet on the KHL and NHL, it's hard to find live streaming;
  • The limits are lower than in football and tennis.