Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports. And in terms of the number of bets at the bookmaker N1 Bet, this discipline is definitely in the top three. Only football surpasses it.

Tennis betting is extremely popular due to the features of the game. The game is quite dynamic - just a few points can turn the tide of the match. Matches are divided into sets, sets for games, games for points - this gives great opportunities for live betting. Finally, a tennis match lends itself well to analysis, especially during matches. Don't forget about the large number of events that are available almost all year round.

At N1 Bet Sportsbook, you will be able to make predictions and bets on tennis on the best terms. We offer a wide selection of tournaments, favorable and accurate odds and a wide list of events.

Betting on popular tennis tournaments

The tennis season runs from January to November. And throughout this period you can bet on tennis at bookmaker N1 bet. We add events from tennis tournaments of various levels to the line. More than 20 competitions can be bet on simultaneously during the week.

The key advantage of N1 Bet are favorable tennis odds. We use modern software that allows us to quickly update the quotes both in the pre-match period and live. And a trained team of analysts monitors the line in detail, preventing any errors. At the same time, the high level of quotations is maintained. In Live mode, you will not encounter market locks and huge margins.

Tennis betting at N1 Bet
Tennis at N1 Bet

ATP and WTA tournament betting

N1 bet offers tennis predictions and betting at different levels. The highest limits are available for the most prestigious tennis tournaments - "Grand Slam". We cover all four key events of the year in full: Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open.

Each of our clients can bet on tennis on all tournaments from the WTA and ATP calendar:

  • Masters and Premier Series competitions;
  • ATP 500, WTA500 tournaments;
  • ATP 250, WTA250 tournaments.

At bookmaker N1 Bet there is a line for qualifying for main tournament grids. In addition to the women's and men's categories, you can bet on pairs tennis, including mixed teams.

Bets on other events

In addition to majors and major events from the ATP and WTA calendar, N1 Bet customers can bet on tennis in team tournaments. Men have the Davis Cup at their disposal, women - the Billie Jean King Cup. In the queue you will also find the ATP Cup, Hopman Cup, Laver Cup and several other exhibition competitions.

The bookmaker N1 Bet covers tournaments and lower level - challengers, ITF competitions. And all this without exception. You will be able to place bets on tennis online even on matches on small African futures. The number of ITF tournaments per year exceeds 1000. And here you will find a line for every match of such competitions.

The biggest attraction of the line are matches in the Simulated Reality format. This means that they are available even when there are no real matches and tournaments on the calendar. Conceptually, it resembles virtual tennis.

Main types of tennis bets

N1 Bet not only offers the best tennis odds, but also a large selection of bets. In addition to the basic options such as scores, totals and odds, you will find other options in the line:

  • Set bets;
  • Will one of the matches end up 6-0;
  • Accurate Score;
  • Even/Odd;
  • Set/match format betting;
  • Betting on the outcome of games and points during the game;
  • Race to a certain number of ties;
  • Combined options.

When placing a bet, do not forget that in the "Grand Slam" men's matches are played to victory in five sets. Wimbledon introduced a tie-break in the final set at 12-12, and in the US the classic tie-break is played at 6-6. And at the Australian Open, in the fifth deciding game, a 6-6 super-break is played to 10 points.

Here you can bet not only on tennis matches, but also on the results of tournaments. Moreover, long-term options often appear six months before the start of the competition. This is an extra chance to catch a profitable rate on tennis.

Add matches and markets to your favourites, check current statistics and take advantage of our lucrative bonuses. Thanks to this, you will increase the effectiveness of your bets.