Andrew Moreno wins the Wynn Millions poker tournament with 1,460,106 $


On March 15, 2021, Andrew Moreno tweeted a post that began with, “I want to get back into tournament grind after a long hiatus.” The 20-year-old poker player has been in the game for two decades, amassing over $850 in tournament earnings prior to posting this tweet, despite focusing mainly on cash games Since this post was posted, Moreno has cashed in eight tournaments, with three table finals, two wins titles and over $1.6 million in accrued earnings.

Moreno's last score saw him emerge victorious from a huge field of 1,313 entries removing $11,, guaranteed Wynn Millions $, buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament. Moreno earned $1,460.60 as event champion for the first time in seven figures, easily surpassing his previous highest cash of $203,600 as the sixth place finisher in 2018 World Series of Poker $1,500 Monster Pile Event. The latter win boosted Moreno's tournament career earnings to 2$,547,907.

In addition to the title and money, Moreno also received $2,400 Card player Player of the Year points after reaching the top in this tournament. He earned $127,740 and 840 POYJoe Kuether points he earned for winning in Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series 1$, 100 buy-in in June, along with two others POY-qualified results obtained in the last two months. As a result of his hot streak, Moreno moved up to third place in 2018 POY Rankings of races sponsored by Global Poker. Currently sitting with 3,500 total points and $1,600,754 since the beginning of the year POY earnings.

This event also rewards PokerGO Tour ranking points. Moreno earned 1,200 points as champion, which is enough to see him climb to third place on this leaderboard as well.

Moreno is married to an ex Card Player writer and video presenter Kristy Arnett. The couple is expecting their first child later this year. He is also the brother of professional poker player and popular vlogger Johnnie Moreno, known to many as "Johnnie VIBESJoe Kuether". Both his wife and brother, along with other family members and friends, were on the rails as Moreno secured the win.

The final day of the event started with Moreno in seventh chip position while WSOPJoe Kuether Bracelet winner Clayton Maguire was on top of the chip count. First player to be eliminated from Lion Yiming Lee to lose a queen-queen race to Julian Milliard-Feral's pair of sevens, finishing ninth ($202, 754).

Joe Kuether The great poker player Joe Kuether was eliminated next. 2013 Arizona State Poker Championship the winner moved all in for his last six big blinds with Q-4 offsuit when he folded to him in the small blind. Jaime Cervantes called with A-7 in the big blind. Kuether made a straight draw on the flop, but he didn't improve and was eliminated in eighth place. He earned $203,240 for his deep streak, bringing his tournament career earnings to nearly $7.3 million in the process.

Despite getting that knockout, Cervantes was ultimately the next player eliminated. Engaged in a preflop raising war that left all chips in the middle with his pair QJoe KuetherQDiamond Suit against ASpade SuitK.Heart Suit Toby Lewis. Cervantes' queens did not win the race and Lewis made aces to secure the pot. Cervantes earned $203,360 as the seventh place finisher.

Moreno was left as the shortest stack heading into a six-handed game. He managed to hold off fellow short stack Philip Shing, who called all-in for eight big blinds with J
9Club Suit in a suit from the big blind after Lewis moved all-in from the small blind. Lewis exerted pressure with KHeart Suit8Heart Suit. King-high was the winning hand on the river and Shing was sent with $328,140.

After a 75-minute lunch break, it only took a few laps to narrow the field from five to just three. Julian Milliard-Feral lost a classic coin toss to A
QHeart Suit against Lewis' pocket tens to finish fifth for $456, 626. About 20 minutes late, Salim Admon three-put all-in with 9Heart Suit9Heart Suit over Top opening under-the-gun from Moreno, who quickly called with pocket queens. The upper pair held up and Amdon was knocked out in fourth place ($600,145).

The final three played a few hands before stopping the action to discuss the hand. After negotiations, the three came to an agreement that led to a redistribution of the remaining prize money, locking into seven-figure paydays for all three, while setting aside a percentage of the prize pool to play, with $302, in extra prize money for the champion, and $60,907 for the runner-up places. Maguire had 16,700,000 in chips for the lead at the time, while Lewis had 16,123 and Moreno had 11,328.

Their agreed guaranteed payouts were as follows:

Clayton Maguire - $1,313,850Club Suit
Toby Lewis – $1,235,203
Andrew Moreno – $1,160,105

With the deal in place, things quickly moved south for Lewis. In 11 hands he went from almost 60 big blinds to around 22. British poker player and 2018 Aussie Millions The winner of the main event managed to make a small comeback, but eventually dropped to third place. In his last hand, he moved all-in from the button for around 30 big blinds with 3
3Heart Suit. Maguire called with AHeart SuitK.
with a little dark. Lewis led on the turn, but Maguire attacked the king last to secure the pot. Lewis walked away with over $1.2 million negotiated in the deal. He now has $7,850,360 in career tournament earnings.

With that, Maguire took 22,145,000 heads-up with Moreno, who was sitting with 20,850, . Moreno closed the gap a bit early, notably winning the pot with a three-keg bluff holding 9Heart Suit2Club Suit, which he showed after raising Maguire from hand. On the 210th hand at the final table, Moreno limped from the button with ASpade SuitHeart Suit and Maguire raised to 1,500,000 from the big blind with AClub SuitQClub Suit. Moreno limp-reraised to 5,443,. Maguire moved all in and Moreno called. He was threatened and in the rear, but K

7Club Suit2Club SuitK.Spade Suit the runout gave Moreno a winning pair of tens to see him double up to a 5-2 lead.

Just five hands later, the two clashed in another pre-flop game. Maquire picked up AClub SuitK.Club Suit on the button and pressed roughly 11 big blinds. Moreno called with ASpade SuitQSpade Suit. K.Heart SuitQSpade Suit5Spade Suit the flop paired both players, Maguire made top pair while Moreno added a flush draw. QHeart Suit on the turn saw Moreno attack with three queens, leaving Maguire in need of a king on the river. 8Heart Suit closed the pot and the title for Moreno. Maguire earned $1,400,740 as the runner-up, bringing his lifetime earnings to over $3 million. He also took home 2,000 POYJoe Kuether points for his strong display. It was his first POY-qualifying result from 2013, but it was enough to move him to 15th place in the ranking.




POYJoe Kuether Points PokerGO 1 2021 Andrew Moreno $ 1, 400.60 2,400


2 Clayton Maguire

$ 1, 400, 754


1, 145

3 Toby Lewis $ 1, 219.203
1, 500

1, 160

Clayton Maguire

4 Salim Admon $547,




Julian Milliard-Feral $361,626 1,

457 6 Philip Shing

$328, 127

765 7 Jaime Cervantes $240,328


8 Joe Kuether


361 240


9 Lion Yiming Lee $ 200,800 145 202

Winner Photo: Jamie Thomson / PokerNews.


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