Dustin Holladay leads the Card Player Poker Tour's bestbet Jacksonville Main Event Final Table


Cart Player Poker Tour bestbet Jacksonville $2,500 main no-limit hold'em tournament cut its 339 - entry to the final table of eight with Dustin Holladay holding the inside lane to a $115,915 first place prize.

Holladay, who finished eighth in the 2$ tournament at bestbet, the 500 no-limit hold'em tournament last March, holds the chip leader after a strong show throughout Day 2. The final day starts with 2,385,000 in chips after steadily accumulating chips throughout Sunday. day 2, which is almost 15% in-game chips.

He was joined by Benjamin Scroggins from 1,915. Scroggins climbed to the top of the leaderboard at the end of the day after Raminder Singh doubled up from AK against AQ and then won the race to eliminate Singh in 10th place.

World Series of Poker bracelet winner and eightfold WSOP Circuit Ring winner Kyle Cartwright is by far the most successful player at the final table. Monday's final table will start fourth in chips with 1.385.10. Jessica Cai, wife 2019 The WSOP's sixth-place Main Event, Zhen Cai, held up all day and will make his third place on Monday with 1,738.

Cai won a huge pot at the end of the day, eliminating World Poker Tour champion and high-stakes pro Jonathan Jaffe and Matthew Leecy in the same hand. Her AK Leecy and J-000 tough jacks lend themselves to a temporary leap into the lead.

The back half of the final table is rounded off by Joseph Crowley, Jeremy Joseph, Lamare Davis and Mac Johnson. The last eight players will return at 4:00 PM to start the final table. In the case of bestbet, there will be tab coverage up LIVE with streams available on both Twitch and YouTube.

Day 2 started Sunday noon with 62 players hunting for the title, but making money was the first thing everyone thought 43 places would have earned a payout.

Long pro TK Miles, started day nine in chips but was one of the players to be knocked out before money after his trip jacks hit Crowley's nut flush. 2018 WSOP Main Event Runner-Up Tony Miles was also eliminated ahead of the box office.

The bubble burst around the middle of the third level of the day when Christopher Okoli moved all in from the big blind and Sterling Savill took down pocket kings. There was an adjacent table elimination at the start of this hand and a game of hands was avoided.

Savill finished at the final table but was one of the last eliminations of the day, popping in 12 for $11,738. Other characters that were eliminated from the box office were BJ McBrayer (15th), Jonathan Jaffe (15th), Hal Rotholz (16th), Ryan McAllister (21st), Chris Conrad (38th), and Steve Karp (43th).

When the game resumes on Monday, there are slightly more than 20 minutes remaining at the current level with 16, -20 blinds and a 25,000 big blind ante. Everyone is guaranteed cash of at least $20,081.

Here's a look at the chip count at the final table:

  • 1st place: Jeremy Joseph - 385,
  • 2nd: Kyle Cartwright - 1,158,
  • 3rd place: Benjamin Scroggins - 1,738,
  • 4th place: Jessica Cai - 1,738,
  • 5th: Mac Johnson - 339,
  • 6th: Joseph Crowley - 1,070,
  • Seat 7: Dustin Holladay - 2.385
  • 8th Place: Lamare Davis - 385,000.

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