Casinos in Nevada set a revenue record in May with winnings of $ 1.2 billion


Nevada casinos won more money from players in May than in any other month in the state's gambling history.

According to figures published by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, players lost $1.20 billion at Silver State casinos in May. This huge number surpasses the previous record that was set in October 2015 when casinos won $ 1.1.17 billion.

This is the third consecutive month that gambling operators have been able to pool the sum to exceed $ 1 billion in gross gaming income, further cementing the rebound in the market in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, casinos recorded a win of $ 1.039 billion.

"We're surprised if you asked me last month, I wouldn't say we'll hit $ 1 billion three months in a row," said Michael Lawton, senior research analyst at the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Forbes.

"Demand is high, consumers are healthy and visits to the Strip will rebound."

The Las Vegas Strip generally drives the state totals. Even as the industry fell after Governor Steve Sisolak reopened the casino market in June 2019, areas where local players were the main customer base saw a rebound faster than tourists. -friendly Las Vegas Strip.

In May, casinos on the Strip accounted for $ 75.5 million of the state's total gambling revenue. Clark County, which covers the greater part of Las Vegas, accounted for almost the entirety of the $ 1 billion 039 gambling revenue from that county alone.

The year-over-year numbers are worthless given that the entire state market has been forced to close for 2020. Aside from online gambling, which is mostly just poker, Nevada players had nothing to bet on. In most areas a year ago, there were huge year-on-year declines.

Regardless, the record numbers are crazy to increase 20,970%. Even compared to May 2019, before the pandemic, every county in the state experienced an increase in income. The Strip is up 26.7% compared to May 2017.

The massive increase in demand comes as the number of vaccinations and COVID rises Induced constraints are decreasing. In mid-May, most Las Vegas casinos began to ditch the plexiglass partitions that were installed to keep players separate and increase social distancing. Less than a week later, regulators dropped the immunized player mask, changing their rules to align with the new CDC guidelines.

While this record was mainly driven by revenue growth on the Las Vegas Strip, other areas of the state also saw significant gains. After a recorded win of 61.8 million in April, Reno casinos saw a slight jump to $65.8 million in May. Compared to April, revenues in downtown Las Vegas remained relatively low with 75 winnings of $ 2 million.

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