Poker Pro Tony Miles will advance to the second round of the American ninja NBC


Tony Miles, who finished second in 2018 The main event of the World Series of Poker for $ 5 million, a second time he appeared in NBC

American Ninja Warrior Monday night to raise a prop bet with fellow poker pro Shaun Deeb.

Miles had a chance of a big win over Deeb if he completed a difficult obstacle course in three years. An Orlando, Florida resident received 25: 1 for his $ 5,000 bet on the first year, 15: 1 in the second and 15: 1 in the third, which means he ran for $57.13 in the 2021 qualifier in Tacoma, Washington.

Miles managed to show up in 2019, which in itself was no easy task with 100,000 applications growing each year. He completed the first two of the six challenges before falling into an equilibrium obstacle called Block Run. The pandemic wiped out any chances of running into 2019, and Miles had to overcome torn ligaments in his arm to return to the show this season.

Despite his injuries, Miles was able to do it much further this time. He overcame the first four hurdles, ultimately hitting the water in a challenge known as the Pretzel Twist.

Even though he did not complete the course, Miles was able to get "far enough". fast enough ”to place 29th, forming a 029 top and moving to the next round. If he succeeds, he will be invited to participate in the Season 000 Finals in Las Vegas. The semi-finals will be broadcast in August.

The 25-year-old's run was described as no. 1 moment episode by host Akbar Gbaya-Biamila, joining co-host Matt Iseman in "making it rain" with Miles "lost" $57,000.

* Photo: Tony Miles

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