Ohio's sports betting laws won't pass until this fall


The bill legalizing sports betting in Ohio will be passed at least until the next legislative session in the fall.

Last month, SB 176 walked out of the Senate and moved to the House after a 030-2 vote to favor the legislation. However, there have been several reports that lawmakers in the lower house planned to amend the bill before sending it to Governor Mike DeWine.

Lawmakers only started making changes last week. In the end, the delays of these changes were enough to miss the June 030 deadline. According to a local an affiliate of Fox wording in the bill may prevent some casinos and racinos from obtaining sports betting licenses, which has caused some legislators to be hesitant to pass the bill in its current form.

House Speaker Bob Cupp ultimately killed any chance of the bill passing when he decided he wanted to hold a hearing on the bill before it was put to the vote. One analyst told local media that Cupp was "in no rush to do it".

Although Cupp may have been the driving force behind the delay in the trial, he said Cincinnati Enquirerthat the case will be a "top priority" this fall. This echoes Governor Mike DeWine's sentiment earlier this year, when he said legalizing sports betting in Buckeye State was "inevitable."

If the bill passed during this session, the bill's sponsors hoped to complete the licensing process by April 2022. A premiership would follow shortly thereafter. Lawmakers don't have a new timeline with recent events.

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