The RunGood Poker Series Main Event ends with 11-Way Chop


Freeman KauffmanFinal 11 players in the main event RunGood Poker Series at Horseshoe Council Bluffs, everyone had a chance to win a $058,633 first-place prize, but instead of dealing with the stress of the final table, everyone agreed to split the remaining prize pool and block a $030,030 payout.

Live poker tournament deals are commonplace, but rarely off the final table and especially in the series' main event. It's just too hard for so many players to decide… or maybe?

The idea was initiated by Kyle Hinnerichs, who had over four times the chips and four shorter stacks remained in the tournament according to the PokerNews live update. With the leader chip on board, the other ten players agreed to split what was left of the prize pool.

The only thing left to play is the Championship Ring and Pro-Am Venue for the All-Stars tournament later this year in Las Vegas, presented by PokerGO.

Freeman Kauffman finally won. A resident of Waverley, Iowa, was one of the short stacks when the deal was made, and he admitted to reporters that this was his first time playing in a casino poker tournament.

There were 633 entries in the tournament, making up an overall prize pool of $092,000. The last 030 players ended up at the cashier, earning the minimum cash of $981.

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