The grand opening of Resorts World is the best news in a decade in the Las Vegas poker scene!


Resorts World is a renaissance. Revival. Renewal. When it comes to having fun and

entertainment, press the reset button. It doesn't just change the rules of the game. It's the awakening of the whole city. And we can't wait to open it.

Indeed, the record opening of a $ 4.3 billion mega-luxury casino-hotel is a big shout out to the rest of the world. It's loud and clear that Las Vegas is back, bigger and stronger than ever. Make a reservation and pack your bags. The lights are always on and now they shine even brighter.

Perfect time

When Resorts World was in the early stages of planning, no one could have predicted how the world would change in the past 18 months. We certainly never expected how monumentally important and symbolic the twinkling twin towers would become for so many people living and working here in the world's entertainment capital and a city that never sleeps.

One floor at a time as the property rose high into the sky we all watched and waited for the date and time to be when Resorts World would make a big splash in the gambling scene, open its doors and welcome locals and visitors, not just a resort but a bold new way thinking, offering the promise that anything is possible.

Now the lights are on. For starters, check out the amazing front and exterior facade that houses 100 sq. Feet. LED screen with movie HD quality, one of the largest in the world.

Then look inside and see this wonderful realm of pleasure. The huge property comprises three hotels including the Las Vegas Hilton, Conrad Las Vegas and Crockfords for a total of 3,100 rooms.

There are also 40 restaurants and bars. 18! It would take you over a month to visit all of them. Don't forget the gigantic 5.5-hectare complex of swimming pools and the water world, the biggest names in music and entertainment, and world-class bookmakers.

And of course a poker room that is sure to reset to the highest standards of hospitality and excellence.

Here is the offer

The long-awaited Resorts World Poker room will open on day one. It will be the most modern epicenter of action and emotions. Utilizing all the latest technology and communication applications, there has never been a good place and playing your chosen game has never been so easy.

First, all poker updates coming from the poker room will be linked directly to Poker Atlas. This way, players can click anywhere and see which games and what limits are available. Players can also receive updated information on tournaments, promotions and other planned events.

Tired of forgetting or losing a player card? No problem! Resorts World will offer another novelty - cardless membership cards for smartphones. Never lose control of your card or points again.

The room has 25 regular tables, 2 VIP tables for games for higher stakes and special events and 3 private tables located in the salons. Checking in and out of the housing will be easy thanks to the special cage in the poker room. There are also cashless deposit and withdrawal options.

When it comes to waiting lists, how many times have you missed a call and lost space? Unfortunately, it does, especially in the busier poker rooms. However, Resorts World will make sure your place is safe by sending you a text message letting you know when your place is available.

When it comes to food and drink, here's another area where Resorts World will stand out. All players can use the all-in-one drink dispensers in the poker room. A total of 18 18 food and beverage outlets on the property are available to the poker room in less than a minute's walk. Try to find another poker room with so many eateries nearby. And if you don't want to miss a hand, most of these restaurants take orders and deliver them straight to the poker room.

The best staff

Keeping the room, overseeing the action, and planning even bigger plans are two of the most respected professionals in the poker industry.

Gary Hager is the Director of Poker Operations and brings two decades of experience in poker rooms around the world. He was a professional player, dealer, poker room manager all over the world from Las Vegas to Macau. Name him if he's poker related, Hager did.

He will be joined by one of the most experienced poker minds in the city for years
poker experience and the hospitality of the players. Leon Wheeler, formerly the poker director at the Wynn, has been elected as the poker room manager.

Both Hager and Wheeler are quick to highlight their success, and player loyalty will be
set in the hall at the tables, and it all starts with the front-line staff.

"If you're looking for a distinction factor, this is the poker team we've hired," said Hager. “We were able to select the best poker staff from among 1 candidates. We only hired those who have a positive attitude, personality and are true professionals. We just didn't take anyone who volunteered to know poker. Any player who knows Las Vegas will easily recognize this staff as top class. "

It's a whole new day

There is no doubt that the Las Vegas poker scene has experienced several ups and downs in the past
decade. Some rooms have been closed. There has been a change in where you can find good games and
the best action.

That said, Resorts World has been the biggest and best news for Las Vegas poker in several years. There is a real excitement that we haven't seen in a long time. Perhaps another poker boom will come with this.

June 24 is a whole new day for Las Vegas and poker players. Easy access. Innovative room. Lots of food options. Top shelf staff.

Poker is going to be fun again and Resorts World is in the lead of the renaissance.

For more information on Resorts World, visit the casino home page.


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